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Pultrac specialises in a wide selection of sound mitigating options in the market place and can provide innovative solutions for sound reduction.


Pultrac modular sound absorption boxes and prefabricated wall systems provide outstanding sound reduction qualities resulting from a unique combination of extremely lightweight sound absorption and soundproofing composite materials.


Pultrac has combined two unique materials to deliver a three dimensional solution to the reduction of noise emissions to the environment.

Aluminum Foam Panel

Pultrac Aluminum Foam Panels are soundproof, fireproof, waterproof and ultralight. They are suitable for use by the automotive, aviation, railway and architectural industry, with the benefits of:


  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Fire resistant
  • Highly efficient in sound absorption
  • Electromagnetic shielding and vibration damping
  • Lightweight but strong


Pultrac Aluminum Foam Panel are available in a range of sizes and can be painted as required.




Pultrac Aluminium Foam panels for acousitc absorption

3D GRP Foam Cement Panel

Pultrac foam cement panels are manufactured using a 3D woven fabric structural fiber reinforcement, filled with a modified cement foam. They are recommended for use in areas requiring sound and heat insulation, with the benefits of:


  • Superior sound and thermal insulation
  • Fire resistant
  • Light weight, but strong
  • Long Service life
  • Easy, Safe & Simple installation


Pultrac 3D GRP Foam Cement Panels are available in a range of sizes and can also be provided with a range of architectural finishes.


Pultrac SoundAbsorb – Modular Sound Absorption Boxes and Barrier Walls



The third dimension is achieved by placing these two materials in series to create an air chamber providing sound absorption utilising an inherent Helmholtz Resonator (HR) thereby reducing the noise level especially at lower frequencies. A HR Resonator is formed by the air chamber and the open holes (or necks) in the foamed aluminium panel.  Attenuation of the sound occurs due to acoustic inter-reaction between the primary and secondary sound fields leading to energy dissipation.




3D Reinforced Foam Cement Sandwich Panel



Pultrac 3D reinforced foam cement sandwich panels combines the acoustic properties of the 3D foam cement panel with an outer layer of architectural aluminium sheeting. As with the foam cement panels, the sandwich panels offer the same physical properties and benefits combined with the aluminium layer to provide superior and unique architectural finishes as required.


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