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Applications of Pultrac Pultruded Profiles and FRP Moulded Gratings



Pultrac profiles and grating are excellent design choices for use internally and externally on housing, offices, shops and theaters. It’s non-conductive nature also doesn’t interfere with electronics. The wide range of colours, shapes and sizes means that it not only blends well with the building structure but enhances the features.


Pultrac products are ideal in harsh marine environments due to their corrosion resistance and are therefore suitable for vessels, gas and oil rigs, piers and dive platforms.


Pultrac profiles and mesh are used in marine envionments. Their resistance to corrosion makes them ideal in harsh environments


Electrical/Energy Parts are available for products such as wind turbine blades, aerial booms, cable trays, transformer (stand-off) spacers, insulating channels and conduits.

Pultrac profiles and mesh are used in indutrial applications due to being corrosion resistant


Corrosion resistant profiles such as structural columns/beams, water tubes, pipes, forms for concrete, flooring/grates and exhaust ducts are an excellent option having the benefits of being long lasting and maintenance free.








Pultrac structural profiles are used in mine roof support beams, bridge girders, building panels, highway posts, ladders and hand rails. We can also provide a wide range of fabricated structural profiles to meet your requirements.

Pultrac structural profiles and mesh are used in the construction industry for roof supports, bridge girders, walkways and ladders
Pultrac structural profiles, mesh and components are uses in bridges, cars and ships.

Road and Transportation

Parts such as automobile leaf springs, automotive transport train cars, aircraft components, semi-trailer structural beams, trim parts, ship/submarine components, and bridge & monorail structural components are available.


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