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Benefits of Pultrac Structural Profiles and FRP Moulded Gratings


Lightweight, but strong

Pultrac structural profiles and moulded gratings have a specific gravity, one-fourth that of steel and two thirds that of aluminum. Having a  high strength to weight ratio which considerably simplifies installation and handling. Structural profiles and moulded gratings can be easily transported to site and cut using only hand tools, making it easy to install.


The construction of the uni-directional fibers and multi-directional mats together with the resin gives it superior strength.

Pultrac moulded grating - fire resistant

Fire resistant

Pultrac structural profiles and moulded gratings have a flame spread rating of less than 25 for the ASTM E-84 test standard.

Pultrac profiles and moulded grating are corrosion resistant

Chemical resistant

Pultrac pultruded structural profiles and fiberglass grating are manufactured using high strength reinforcing fibers and a range of premium grade thermosetting resins which are ideal in corrosive and chemical environments.

Pultrac pultrded profiles


Pultrac moulded grating panels have a concave profile on the upper surface. Grit is added which consists of a tough silica finish that will ensure the maximum skid resistance in wet environments.

Non sparking

Pultrac structural profiles and moulded gratings will not create sparks when impacted with metal or other objects making it safe to be installed in areas containing combustible liquids and gases.


Pultrac structural profiles and moulded grating are non-conductive and can therefore be safely used in electrical work areas.

Long service life and maintenance free

Pultrac products are resistant against corrosion and chemical attack. They provide a long lasting safe alternative to steel, aluminum and timber, having a life expectancy of in excess of 35 years, making it more cost effective than other alternatives.


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