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Pultrac handrail systems are quick to install for permanent or temporary installations with no on-site welding required. Handrails can be tailored to most applications including walkways, steps, slopes/ramps


Pultrac ladders can be used in many industrial applications due to their resistance to chemicals. The non-conductive nature of the material makes it a safe alternative to steel ladders. The rungs are made from corrugated tubes to reduce slipping. They are light weight and easy to install. A cage can be attached for added safety.

Pultrac stairs can be designed, supplied and installed to meet your individual requirements. They are Easy, Safe and Simple to install. The steps are non-slip being constructed from moulded grating having a grit surface.


Pultrac FRP Handrail Systems, Stairs and Ladders

Pultrac FRP Ladders
Pultrac FRP handrails and stairs - FRP Mesh


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