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Pultrac Structural Profiles, pultruded columns, beams, round tubes, kick plates, square hollow tubes, pultrusion

Pultrac  composite structural profiles are offered in a variety of standard structural shapes to suit a wide range of applications and industries.


They  are manufactured by the pultrusion process, using vinyl ester resin providing superior quality over other resins including polyester resins; offering enhanced chemical resistance, greater strength and low thermal conductivity values. Unidirectional fibres and multi-directional mats encased in the resin are combined to provide the structural profile with the optimum mechanical properties such as corrosion resistance and high strength to weight ratio.


The properties of  Pultrac  structural profiles make them Easy to transport to site Safe handle, and Simple to install.



Pultrac structural profiles have been independently tested by the Structural Testing Services, Center of Excellence in Engineered Fibre Composites. Contact Pultrac for details


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